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We’ve created a series of worksheets to help you navigate your college search process. From narrowing down your college list to keeping track of upcoming application deadlines, this series of guides will get you ready to apply to college this fall.

Narrowing Down Your List

Fill out a worksheet for each school on your list while visiting school websites, exploring virtual tours, and attending information sessions. Compare worksheets and see which schools match your must-haves.

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Curriculum & Majors

Our second guide will help you narrow down which colleges will be the best fit for you based on academics offered. Use this worksheet to learn more about a school’s curriculum, majors, and learning opportunities.

A Guide to Navigating Your College Search

Guide 1
Guide 2
Guide 3
Guide 3

Highlighting Your Extracurriculars & Activities

This worksheet will prepare you for the activities section of your college applications. Think of this guide as a way to brainstorm what you've been involved in through high school, what your commitment looked like, and how things may have changed in the past year.

Bonus: Watch this video for even more tips on activities!


Tracking Application Requirements & Deadlines

There's a lot to keep track of when you're applying to multiple colleges. Use this worksheet to stay organized and take some of the stress out of the application process. Check out Penn's specific deadlines for more information.

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